Shifting the Focus From Profit to People

Internationally acclaimed for its pragmatic redundancy program, The People Shift is a movement empowering leaders to view and overcome the toughest management functions through a people-focused lens.

Leading With Humanity During a Crisis

COVID-19 created an economic crisis where millions of livelihoods—nearly affecting half of the global workforce—were threatened. Many were compelled to undergo an organisation restructure, leaving C-Suite and HR executives scrambling for resources to develop a redundancy program and transition plan in a hurry.

The People Shift was created not only to support leaders and decision-makers during this trying time but also to help them discover the value of treating employees with dignity and respect when handling any crisis.

During a crisis, lead with humanity.
You can achieve any desired business outcome
by simply putting your people first."


CEO and Founder of The People Shift

The Ultimate Guide to
Responsible Employee Redundancies

The First Program in the Series

When put under immense pressure, even the best and well-meaning professionals can make mistakes and bad decisions. The People Shift designed a step-by-step redundancy plan that benefits any employer and leader, including those who have performed layoffs and workforce reductions before.

Plug-and-Play Dashboard of Tools

Plug-and-Play Dashboard

Easily access our plug-and-play dashboard of tools complete with leadership training guides, tools and templates, which you can immediately implement in your organisation.

Right Way to Perform Redundancy

Right Way to Perform Redundancy

Our pragmatic program walks you through the entire process, from stakeholder identification to rebuilding company culture, helping mitigate legal risks and save thousands of dollars on consultancy fees.

Free Redundancy Consultation

Free Redundancy Consultation

Jamie Getgood has a reputation for exiting a workforce in a dignified manner. His people-focused approach has earned him multiple accolades from leadership bodies, including the Institute of Managers and Leaders.

Upcoming Programs

Workforce Transition

The program follows a 5-Step Transition Support Model focused on helping exiting employees succeed in the next phase of their careers. It covers providing outplacement support, mental health aid and financial guidance and connecting them with an EAP.

Coming Soon

Rebuilding Culture

Organisational changes impact not only the redundant employees but also those that remain in the business. Help rebuild your remaining workforce’s trust and confidence in your company as you lead them through change.

Coming Soon

Virtual Leadership

Support your people and protect your brand as your organisation undergoes a restructure. Our systematic, evidence-based approach covers the legal ramifications and general impact of the change to parties involved, helping you save time and money in the process.

Coming Soon

The Man Leading The Movement

Jamie Getgood, Australian Leader of the Year Awardee and The People Shift’s CEO, has taken his team around the globe to mentor the C-Suite executives and HR leaders of prominent and reputable companies. With his people-based approach, unique psychometric insights and undeniable consultation prowess, Jamie is the trusted adviser of hundreds of leaders in Australia and abroad.

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The People Shift empowers leaders to view and overcome the toughest management functions through a people-focused lens.

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